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Pablo Rodríguez

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Starting in 2011, Pablo is mainly an electronic music producer, vocalist and DJ. He didn’t need much time to start releasing his music on the Internet, which quickly got popular on the main audio streaming platforms. In 2014, he made an official remix for DJ S3RL’s label, who later would suggest him to collaborate in a track together. Since then, he’s being working with some big names such as Distrion, Daniel Seven, M-Project… and more to be announced Later in 2016, he’d release his first track with the music label ‘Attack The Music’, based in Los Angeles, with connections to the Japanese electronic music scene. In that year, he’d contribute a soundtrack for the acclaimed videogame company CAPCOM. Willing to perform his music in front of an audience, he joined a punk rock band as the main vocalist and ukulele / acoustic guitar player, as well as a composer, mixer and producer. It was then when he discovered his love for performing, and so he debuted as a DJ in Dordrecht, the Netherlands in 2018. Currently with more than 3.6 million views on his YouTube channel, Vau Boy keeps making music and he’s willing to share it with the world #9829;

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